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Meet the owners

Daniel and Amy Burdick are the owners of Old Bridge Design. Born and raised in Tuttle, Oklahoma, Daniel has been a resident of Oklahoma his entire life. He and his wife, Amy, have 4 children, 2 German Shepherds, and reside in Washington, Oklahoma. Daniel has been a flooring installer for 15 years and had owned DRB Custom Flooring for the past 10 years. Recently, with the high demand for floor coverings in the South Metro area- Amy and Daniel decided to expand and open a store that sells tile, wood, LVP, and installation services. So, Old Bridge Design was born. The name, Old Bridge, pays homage to the landmark in the center of our hometown, Washington, Oklahoma. This much loved, old bridge that has been a centerpiece in our lives and one that will be no more in a few years.

Daniel and his crew can install almost every kind of flooring out there. He has exceptional talent when it comes to creating custom showers and laying wood plank tile flooring. Bathroom remodels are his favorite. He says, "There is just something about taking a space that nobody likes and transforming it into an area that the homeowner loves. My customer last week cried happy tears, and that was one of my biggest compliments!"

Amy has a background in Interior Design from the University of Oklahoma and has worked in flooring and design for several years. She will sometimes assist Daniel with installations, but her favorite thing to do is to help a customer come up with a design idea when they didn't have one before. "If someone doesn't have a vision for their space, I can guarantee that I have 15 ideas in my head that I am dying to see come to life. It is always exciting when we can collaborate on a project that makes their home more beautiful than it was before!"

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